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Specializing in IoT, Home & Small business cyber security, and  automation

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Innovative Cyber Security  solutions

Cyber Security Solutions to Protect Your Family and Small Business. We keep the bad guys out and give you control what you allow in.

With all of the IoT (Internet of Things) devices in our lives, things such as smart appliances, security cameras, smart switches, smart lights, just about anything we bring into our homes or offices that can attach to the web, is prone to outside attacks from the internet. The the security from your provider may not be enough not to mention how complicated to use. Let us help you with our Cyber Security solutions to fit every budget. As part of our solution we'll also provide common sense and plain language education so you can take control of what you allow into your home.

Automate Securely

Alexa! Turn on lights, Alexa, set temperature to 76 degrees, Alexa, Lock the door, Alexa, mute TV..Home automation is modern convenience for many and a necessity for the less able. Allow us to demonstrate these advantages and how we can make your Smart Home a safer home.